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Oxygen-Pro Programmable Air Freshness System - Dispenser + Cartridge (Spring) + Cartridge (Neutra-lox Super)

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Oxygen-Pro Programmable Air Freshness System - Dispenser + Cartridge (Spring) + Cartridge (Neutra-lox Super)


Spring Favour

Intense floral notes of ylang, lavandin and geranium with hints of fresh cologne and lemon.

Neutra-lox Super Non-Fragrant Odor Control Cartridges

With a hint of lemongrass fragrance, this is the ideal choice for areas where high odor elimination is required with Very Low fragrance, just as an indicator.

Non-Fragrant Odor Control Cartridges with super concentrate odor counteractant are the ideal choice for any facility that desires odor elimination with Very Low or No fragrance, such as health care facilities, hotels,etc.

Programmable Air Freshness Dispenser

When using the cartridge, the dispenser can be programmed to work for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. The cartridge contains 35 ml of pure fragrance oil, that is approximately 7 times more fragrance oil than a standard metered aerosol can. The fragrance intensity can be changed to a strong (30 days), normal (60 days) or (90 days) mild scent.


The dispenser automatically detects the Grande cartridge and works as per the chosen setting. The Oxygen-Pro cartridges are available in a wide range of fragrances and are compliant with CARB, EU, IFRA and REACH regulations.


Unlike other systems that only mask odors, Oxygen-Pro cartridges eliminate odors and releases fragrance effectively.


All Oxygen-Pro Fragrant Odor Control Cartridges contains Neutra-lox, our proprietary odor

eliminator ingredient that is extremely effective against the smell of urine, feces, body odor,

tobacco, pet malodor, kitchen odor, mold and mildew, etc.


With no added solvents and no alcohols, the Oxygen-Pro cartridges contain 100% pure fragrance oil and are a safe choice for any facility. Since the cartridges are not pressurized containers, they are safe to transport and store.




Unlike aerosols, the Oxygen-Pro system does not contain any CFCs, has no added VOCs or propellants, no ‘spray and fade effect’ and ‘no noise’.

Oxygen-Pro is a Carbon Footprint approved product that has been independently assessed and verified for emissions and energy consumption, making it a reliable and an eco-friendly product.